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GMLight expansion packs and addons for the Kick starter

We are preparing to run a Kick starter campaign for GMLight Flavour packs: Add ons to GMLight  specific to the various gaming systems. The surveys we’ve conduct have shown that D&D 5e is the most popular FRPG played today. D&D 5e is published under the open game license OGL which  means that legal requirements for publishing works which make use of its intellectual property is contained and defined in this license. Other FRPGs that fall under the OGL are D&D3.5, D&D4e,Pathfinder 2e, Pathfinder and Basic Fantasy RPG.  The intention is to run Kick Starters for generating flavour packs for each of these FRPGs. D&D4e does not appear to have a strong following and so will be omitted from the proposed kick starter list.



  • 90 Double Sided monster cards (up to 180 Monsters) Each with a drawing of the monster below its textual description
  • DM Screen for tailored to the FRPG
  • Sheet of peel-able Condition Stickers for Conditions in the RPG
  • Set of Initiative clippons to run a round

If you have any good ideas how we can add more value please answer in the comments


4 thoughts on “GMLight expansion packs and addons for the Kick starter

  1. Hey guys I love the GM light kit. I run D&D Maidstone we are a therapeutic gaming group based in Maidstone in Kent in the uk, if the club had the cash I would buy another 10 to give out to all my DMs the only down side I see is the longevity of the card tokens. The best remedy would to use plastic instead of card, the ware on the tokens would be far less, or maybe offer the sale of spare sets of the card tokens. That way if they become damaged or you just want to increase the volume of any confrontation you could.
    If your ever in Maidstone feel free to drop by and say hi, we are allways on the look out for sponsors or anyone who wishes to come and play or just talk D&D over a cuppa

    Stay well

    D&D Maidstone

    1. Hi Christian, Glad you love them, We are in negotiations with suppliers to offer Metal coin Tokens as an optional extra, currently we are trialling coins in Electro plated Nickel silver and brushed stainless steel. Hopefully in the next month or so we should have an answer so as they say “Watch this Space”

  2. With the new addition to the original kit I can say I have a glut of different DM screens, I either give away or just don’t use them, having another to just add to the clutter is not something i would want to add to the wonderful kit you have already made. esp as the official 5e screen is far better then most. the info cards and stick on conditions sound great but I think your gonna be flogging a dead horse with the screen. when 5.5 edition comes out you will need to change it again with the rules adaptations. maybe just add more monster tokens, or the same ones as before but made in plastic I would pay for that to upgrade my kit so it lasted longer

    Hope that helps

    D&D Maidstone

    1. Personally DM screens I can take or leave I’ve run for years without one. Occasionally being able to Mask that you are rolling especially with a few munchkin players watching you is useful and having some tables available when you don’t have the books means you can carry less.

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