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GMLight 5e Flavour Packs release

Much cut down from our original aspirations we are releasing the 5E flavour pack for GMLight this is a limited Edition in as much as we will be upgrading the Artwork on the front of the DM’s screen and adding artwork for those cards missing it. But that said it does pack a punch with 90 Monster cards  and a Travel DM screen.

The 90 Monster cards are printed double sided with a stat block on each side where we could fit them. Vampires are a bit of a tough one and take up two sides. So the cards have stat blocks and descriptions for 179 ! creatures.

The Monster cards are dry wipe and work with the GMLight Pen. So you can keep track of monster HP right on the card. We’ve added reminder Images in grey behind the text that show a Standard human fighter next to the Creatures and  don’t reduce the cards real estate.

Our aim was to get as much value on the cards as we could.  To provide the user with as much information and value as possible. We could have made them coloured but that would almost certainly rendered the Text unreadable.


We are working on status indicators and are using stickers to provide the combat tracking and extra functionality like character status  see the Rogue next to the Oni in the Image above.

These stickers are a limited edition (we have about 50 of them) and they will be given away free with the 5e Flavour packs until they are gone. The original idea was to get coloured plastic cast into the  shape below but they make a good attempt of fulfilling the intended roles and are a good deal smaller.

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GMLight Gets first Flavour Pack

Surprise its 5E

We have on order the GM screens and Monster cards for the first flavour pack for GMLight.

The should be available on the website in the next week or so !