Development :- Web RD

Web Rd Hardware

Web Rd is a generic display that allows you to display in real time some information gathered either from the LAN or from the internet.

There are many use cases that make use of the Web Rd

Note : APIs and Data Access

Many of these data sources use a service model that requires that to get access to their data a user is must sign-up to their APIs terms and conditions. In some cases the data is further protected by a user login Credentials. At niche-tec we will enrol the WebRD software to act as an Application with the data sources. We will not store any of your login credentials to these third party sites. Where an access token is granted by the data sources we will use this token solely to provide the WebRD data presented on the display.

Some of the services have a free tier of usage and WebRD makes low demands on these services to stay within this quota. If this quota is ever exceeded access to these services may incur a cost which may require some charges to be incurred with may cause the Terms of the Web RD applications to require further funding. Until this time all the data access retrieved and presented on WebRD is done so free of charge.

There are three developments in Beta testing which customers can chose to Join

Customers joining these test groups will get free software while the developments are in Beta Test. They also be entitled to the last Beta software for free when beta Test end. Request Join WebRD Group