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GMLight Living with 5E

GMLight 5e the elephant in the room

So GMLight was created to provide a handy way to put together the minimum set of resources needed to Run a Fantasy Role playing Game. Giving a selection 25mm tokens to cover most Random encounters. A select number of 50mm tokens for “Big” monsters. A set of 6 Dungeon tiles that offer a sufficiently large space to draw most maps. A handy Dry wipe pen with inbuilt eraser. Space for a set of Monster cards¬† giving you monster stats on hand. A standard set of Dice !

The problem with 5e is that DM’s consider two D20s essential to roll with Advantage/Disadvantage and GMLight only includes a single D20 (the minimum required as you can always role twice).

Living with 5e

The problem is that there is a fixed amount of space in the case and the selection of Monster tokens is as comprehensive as we could make it and fit within the case. We did think about how the kit would be used with 5e when we designed the case. If you are willing to not take the BUG tokens an extra D20 will fit in this space.

Future Developments

We are thinking of making a thicker GMLight case that consists of two trays back to back which would offer more resources and open flat. This would be more 5e friendly allowing more Dice cards and resources to be added.  Let me know in the comments if you would be interested in a bigger GMLight case and what additional resources would you like to see space for.