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NRGDivert Works

Testing of NRG DivertĀ  is going well this is the latest traces produced by system.

  1. The yellow dotted (meta data) line is the confidence that the system is exporting top the grid
  2. The White dotted(meta data) line is the predicted load value that NRGDivert is expecting to see for the device diverted device after the diversion of power
  3. The Red dotted (meta data) line is t he % the device is turned on throughout most of the test it is registering less than 10% of the device is engaged the device in this case is the purely resistive load of an immersion heater which draws up to 13.5 Amps when fully engaged
  4. The Green line is the Raw solar panel generation
  5. The Orange line is the import/export amperage to the Grid
  6. The SOLID yellow line on the is the LED on the lower graph is the LED on the meter showing that the houseĀ  continues to export even though Diversion is taking place