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Dice Roller Speaks

A request on our Facebook page lead to the development of Dice Roller Speaks.

Dice Roller Speaks was created to make Fantasy  role playing games more inclusive. Produced with the visually impaired in mind this App allows Dungeons and Dragons players and other Fantasy Role playing games to roll Dice with a vocal output.

This app is free and on the Google play store

  • The Left hand column is the number of Dice to be rolled (spoken)
  • The Dice Picture column Rolls the dice and speak the Result
  • The Up arrow increases the count of dice rolled
  • the Down arrow decreases the count of dice rolled
  • The + symbol rolls with advantage
  • the – symbol rolls with disadvantage
  • the GMLight Dice Symbol at top and bottom repeats the Voice of the last roll

Thanks to Colaborators

With thanks for Optician advice to Peter Croucher

Special thanks to Thomas Croucher for the Voice Over