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Kick Starter goes live

Our Kick Starter went live today.

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GMLight Coins

GMLight Coins

Ahead of the KickStarter  we have prototype deliveries for the GMLight Coins…… Stock on order available here soon !

300 25mm metal tokens for all RPGs : Tokens printed on Anodised Aluminium

  • 26 Character tokens,29 NPC tokens,10 Bandits
  • 40 Undead: 10 Zombies,10 Skeletons,5 Ghasts & Ghouls, plus many more including Spirits & Shades, Vampire, Lich, Mummys
  • 63 fauna: including a pack of 5 wolves and many other predators and creatures from the natural world, 15 giant Insects
  • 33 Fiends and Elementals: including Erinyes, Devils, Succubi and Hags.
  • More than 30 Fey including Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Fairies, Gnomes, Drow, Genii, Nymph, Dryad, Pegasus and Unicorn.
  • 54 fantasy tribal creatures: 10 Orcs, 10 Kobolds, 7 Knoll, 5 Ogres, 6 Lizard Folk, Plus Goblins, Frog Folk, Trolls and Dragon kin.
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Rejecting Coins

One of the suggestions for the Kick Starter was to offer upgrades of metal tokens These awesome prototypes in Steel Electroplated Nickel Silver look fantastic but they are very heavy  adding 1.75 Kg to the case. They do come with the bonus of being able to stick to a Magnetic sheet.  I’m not sure GM’s will cope with having that much weight added to the case. Its a real pity because they look and feel fantastic.

D&D Wall

A large fridge magnet type plastic sheet with these coins would work great if you ever need a D&D wall where you could leave your tokens and campaign setup. Tell me in the comments if you think there is a market for such a product.

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Encounter Log Pad

These are to be added to the GMLight flavour packs. As a simple pad with double sided tear off sheets. The idea is to give a busy GM a way of recording a random encounter. Each tear off  sheet will have random example encounter maps both for on the road and underground for the GM to use if appropriate or ignore. Front Page adds

  • Date
  • Character record list
  • HP tracker/record for the encounter
  • Table of encounter colour * roll D10

Back page

  • Notes
  • Treasure given
    1. Coins
    2. Random Minor Magic items you can tick to add
    3. Random Minor Material weapons you can tick to add
    4. Random Gems you can tick to add
    5. Random Jewellery you can tick to add
    6. Possible treasure documents you can tick to add
    7. Minor Magic items you can tick to add


These are to add value to the flavour Packs for the Kick Starter any comments on how to improve them will be considered

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GMLight expansion packs and addons for the Kick starter

We are preparing to run a Kick starter campaign for GMLight Flavour packs: Add ons to GMLight  specific to the various gaming systems. The surveys we’ve conduct have shown that D&D 5e is the most popular FRPG played today. D&D 5e is published under the open game license OGL which  means that legal requirements for publishing works which make use of its intellectual property is contained and defined in this license. Other FRPGs that fall under the OGL are D&D3.5, D&D4e,Pathfinder 2e, Pathfinder and Basic Fantasy RPG.  The intention is to run Kick Starters for generating flavour packs for each of these FRPGs. D&D4e does not appear to have a strong following and so will be omitted from the proposed kick starter list.



  • 90 Double Sided monster cards (up to 180 Monsters) Each with a drawing of the monster below its textual description
  • DM Screen for tailored to the FRPG
  • Sheet of peel-able Condition Stickers for Conditions in the RPG
  • Set of Initiative clippons to run a round

If you have any good ideas how we can add more value please answer in the comments


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Dice Roller Speaks

A request on our Facebook page lead to the development of Dice Roller Speaks.

Dice Roller Speaks was created to make Fantasy  role playing games more inclusive. Produced with the visually impaired in mind this App allows Dungeons and Dragons players and other Fantasy Role playing games to roll Dice with a vocal output.

This app is free and on the Google play store

  • The Left hand column is the number of Dice to be rolled (spoken)
  • The Dice Picture column Rolls the dice and speak the Result
  • The Up arrow increases the count of dice rolled
  • the Down arrow decreases the count of dice rolled
  • The + symbol rolls with advantage
  • the – symbol rolls with disadvantage
  • the GMLight Dice Symbol at top and bottom repeats the Voice of the last roll

Thanks to Colaborators

With thanks for Optician advice to Peter Croucher

Special thanks to Thomas Croucher for the Voice Over

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Calculating EXP in Dungeons and Dragons

The formal method for calculating the experience award for a character has changed in many ways over the versions.  But it still remains one of the most contentious issues as each GM is required to moderate the results and players generally argue that more experience is required. This article lists all  the prescribed methods in one place.

Basic D&D

Sum up the Gold Piece value of the treasure taken  the add 100* Hit dice of the monster  then  divide by the Characters Level


  1. Calculate the Gold piece value of treasure taken. Each GP taken adds 1 exp to the total Experience award
  2. For each monster Add its BXPV to the HP*(XP/HP) add the SA*SAXPB and the EA*EAXPV to the total experience Award (These  values are derived from a Table)
  3. Divide the total Experience award equally between players

AD&D 2e


  1. For each creature calculate  the Hit Dice or Level of the Creature
  2. Add the additional Hit Dice or levels from the Hit Dice Value Modifier table
  3. Multiply by the number of Creatures of that type
  4. Divide by the number of the characters

D&D 3.0

3.0 and 3.5 used the same experience calculation

D&D 3.5

  1. Find each characters Level accounting for monster characters ECL
  2. Find  the CR for each monster defeated
  3. Lookup the XP award for a single monster in a table like:

** Note this table is an approximation not the exact values

4. Divide by this number of Characters in the encounter

5. Add up this EXP awards for all the monsters defeated by each character

D&D 4e

Each Monster description has an experience point value

  1. Total the experience points for all the monsters in an encounter
  2. Divide by the number of characters

D&D 5e

Each Monster description has an experience point value

  1. Total the experience points for all the monsters in an encounter
  2. Divide by the number of characters
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RPGs played in 2021

OK the poll is now closed. We asked 12 of the most popular Facebook RPG Groups “What TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) have you played in the last year ?” and the the results are shown below.

The most popular by far was D&D5e (Definitely the Cocoa Cola of RPGs The surprise was that AD&D still appears to be the 2nd most popular with 3.5,2e and Pathfinder being less prevalent. The next amazing revelation was the sheer number of RPGs that are played.

Our draw for the lucky winner of a GMLight Core will take place today and they will be informed via Facebook Messenger.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and pandemic free new year.

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Starting selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon proved to be a lot more work than I was anticipating I started to create a sellers account on the 27th of November and had finally created and account by the 5th of December the supporting documentation required was “extensive”. I then found that I should really register the GMLight Brand before selling items on amazon otherwise other sellers could hijack my amazon listing. So I started the Brand registry process. I also found out that I have to buy Bar codes to do this if I don’t want to create an amazon listing that may have issues later on ! when I  get a Bar Code. Specifically all the reviews and ratings may become “lost”. So this was all done in time for Chistmas (but not in time to sell stuff) GMLight Core