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RPGs played in 2021

OK the poll is now closed. We asked 12 of the most popular Facebook RPG Groups “What TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) have you played in the last year ?” and the the results are shown below.

The most popular by far was D&D5e (Definitely the Cocoa Cola of RPGs The surprise was that AD&D still appears to be the 2nd most popular with 3.5,2e and Pathfinder being less prevalent. The next amazing revelation was the sheer number of RPGs that are played.

Our draw for the lucky winner of a GMLight Core will take place today and they will be informed via Facebook Messenger.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy and pandemic free new year.

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Starting selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon proved to be a lot more work than I was anticipating I started to create a sellers account on the 27th of November and had finally created and account by the 5th of December the supporting documentation required was “extensive”. I then found that I should really register the GMLight Brand before selling items on amazon otherwise other sellers could hijack my amazon listing. So I started the Brand registry process. I also found out that I have to buy Bar codes to do this if I don’t want to create an amazon listing that may have issues later on ! when I  get a Bar Code. Specifically all the reviews and ratings may become “lost”. So this was all done in time for Chistmas (but not in time to sell stuff) GMLight Core