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A week of Gaming II

Again in the Isle of Wight we meet to Game. Closetting ourselves in the Little Barn we started on the 22nd of October with ICFTLLLS

ICFTLLLS "Furries Every where"

Largest GM session with a single GM I’ve played in since the Historic Gaming in Ringmer

We bumbled our way thought a B Movie Role playing the Away team of a Battle Star. Curious Mashup of Battle Star Galactica meets Star Trek. Alistair made heroic efforts to try to get us to follow the “Script”… Lots of Silliness and exasperation from the Rag Tag Group of Misfit.

Space 1889 "Occupy Mars !"

Continuation of the Last Scenario… Except we went thru a portal to Mars to a Desert Temple which for no fully explored reason proceeded to Explode. More Mahem less plot

Tims system "Oh God !"

Explored a Problem created by a fumble from Peters Character and spent¬† Spent most of the first Random encounter stunned then 3 hours watching the group play while My Character was waiting for Some NPC’s to Come and pick up the Hill Giant which we had captured in the random encounter. Problem ended up as something we had to refer to NPCs to solve.

The five Villages

The arrival of a mysterious character at Castle Kendall provokes a series of investigations leading to the discovery of five Villages in a mist shrouded marsh where the inhabitants appeared to be living a life of ease and security. That masked the sinister secret of their Vampire overlords. The mist was being derived from a lava pit in a druids circle. Conspiracies abound as the character is revealed to be a Character not played for 20 years apparently returning from the grave. With loads of combat with the children of the night. This was a campaign Arc I’ve been running for about 20 years making a huge leap forward.¬†