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Why you should Zero Export

There are many reasons to Zero export some are conditional on your electricity tariffs some are contractual obligations and some are ethical.


Ethical Reasons to zero Export

We should all be moving to net zero and this can be assisted by micro generation. So I will assume you are micro generating power from renewable sources as you are reading this article.

  • Exporting power is costly in infrastructure in building everything from pylons to substations.
  • If you are micro generating you have the option of storing,using or exporting your power. Exporting power to other users is fine if the sub grid you are connected to needs it but has an efficiency  cost for transmission. (you are heating the world thru the cables you are exporting with)

Legal or Contractual reasons

These will depend on your situation and the local laws. But Include

  • Duty of Care : Keep the Grid  safe for line engineers working on the Nation Grid
  • Constrained to export within limits specified by your authorities.
  • Feed-In-Tariff  restrictions for the contracted period. (If you fall under this you are contracted not to change your PV installation for 20 years)

Financial Reasons to zero Export

Exporting can be lucrative if you are on the correct Tariff. But as the prices for electricity are set by the supplier differential Tariffs dictate if you can use that electricity you should

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