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Energy Diverter NRGDivert

OK so the generic Energy Diverter NRGDivert needs to improve on the existing examples in a cost effective manner.

So lets examine the Pro’s and Cons of  Energy Diversion.


Pros and Cons of existing solutions


  1. Low Cost Energy
  2. Better use of Energy because of grid transmission losses


  1. Requires Wiring changes to you house.
  2.  Limited use case for energy CAR Charging /Hot Water tank
  3. Requires extra hardware

Addressing the CONs for NRGDivert

Con 1 :- By using Clip on current sensors as in the our CUMonitor Kit you don’t need to alter the wiring of you house to sense the usage.

Con 2:- If the Energy Diverter takes the form at an extension lead that may only be used to power resistive loads see NRGDivert link TBD

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