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Consumer Release of Web RD

Web RD is now ready for release. The consumer version is a kit just to build the display

The MAX7219 component comes with a edge connector and a connecting cable

This edge connector needs to be soldered onto the Web Rd  Module to connect the components

The ESP8266 01S Programmed for Niche-tec Web Connect is supplied preprogrammed with test software that displays a test pattern on the Dot Matrix display and is ready to connect to your LAN using one of the Free Web RD software packages available on the play store.

ESP8266 ESP01S

Assembling these three components will create the Consumer Web RD Display

Web RD   or Web Remote Display  is a stand alone display unit that has the ability to get data from the internet (LAN Required) and display it. This kit  is a minimalist set of hardware to support this functionality. We have reduced the cost so you only need to buy the Kit you intend to use. We offer links to other providers that sell the  components so you can source them at the lowest price. The Housing of the display is left to the user we have partnered with Xen Dragon 3d Printing to offer a 3d Printed housing:

We offer a free download from Cricut that creates a housing from cardboard that is free of any cost.

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