Web RD (Debug) PCB


This is part of a developmentĀ  Kit for those developers who wish to develop there own Web Display.

  • The PCB requires the Dupont connector to be soldered to it to work
  • Note Dupont Connectors required (not supplied)

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Niche-tec’s WEB Rd Printed Circuit Board for Debugging

  • A simple circuit to board to join together the Components of the Web RD Kit.
  • 13.4mm x 22.8mm this printed circuitĀ  board provides a the connections to Join together the CP2102 USB to serial adapter, ESP8266 and a MAX7219 LED Matrix.
  • It doubles and a development harness that allows the Serial Ports from the ESP8266 to be read on a Host system. It has space for an optional Reset switch and Decoupling capacitor.

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Dimensions 2 × 2 × 1 cm


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