GMLight Coins 001-100


Upgrade to GMLight Core

100 Game tokens printed single sided depicting NPC’s and Monsters for all FRP Games.

Made of Sturdy Anodised Aluminum to provide many years of use.

Designed to fit in the GMLight Core case.

50 in stock

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100 Anodised Aluminium Game tokens printed single sided with

  • 20 Player Character tokens,10 townsfolk tokens,10 Bandit Tokens and 10 City Guards from two factions
  • 40 Undead: 10 Zombies,10 Skeletons,5 Ghasts & Ghouls, plus many more including Spirits & Shades, Vampire, Lich, Mummys
  • 5 Canine/Wolf Tokens (wolf pack) plus 5 Rat Tokens (Swarm,Diseased, Giant Mouse)

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Dimensions 20 × 5 × 5 cm


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