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CUMon give-away

(Free stuff if you have a suitable setup)

They say nothing is for free but in this case we are giving away 5  USB CUMon setups and a years worth of free data logging hosting with each. These are prerequisite to performing energy diversion (requires the NRGDivert module). We are not asking you to pay for NRGDivert’s either they will be free to any of the 5 who wish to press forward with the full install. So yes it is all free.

You get a full NRGDivert setup for free. See here to check is your hardware use case  qualifies.

Why is it free ?

This system was developed to divert excess PV electrical power to a local energy sink rather than exporting it back to the grid. The original test bed setup is being enhanced by adding Solar battery storage and the excess energy use case will therefore change. We will continue to support this system but without a suitable test bed we cannot show/prove it continues to work. So you will need to agree to performing as an anonymous test bed  and have a suitable setup to qualify.